IndyMed Transgenerational P4 Family Medicine

Influenced by the experiences during the Corona-pandemic, IndyMed developed a roadmap of scientific achievements and milestones for the management of pandemic states and illustrates the diagnostic power of lineal family based transgenerational genetics. The IndyMed initiative emphasizes the benefits of transgenerational SNP based genetic testing for elucidating causalities of polygenic disease formation by integrating medical histories and life-style parameters of family members into its P4 Family Medicine Roadmap.

The 4 Ps in "P4 Medicine" involve:

  1. Personalized: Healthcare to the individual includes customized treatments and health plans based on a person’s genetic makeup, lifestyle, and environment.
  2. Predictive: By analysing a person's genetic information and other data, P4 Medicine aims to predict the likelihood of diseases before they manifest, enabling early interventions.
  3. Preventive: With a predictive understanding of potential health risks and proactive measures, P4 Medicine focuses on preventing diseases from occurring, rather than treating them after they have developed.
  4. Participatory: P4 Medicine encourages individuals and their families to actively take care of their own health management.

The benefit of this approach

According to our experience, participants using Direct to Consumer (DTC) gene testing services tend to adapt their personal lifestyle. We noticed: After having received personal gene testing results, DTC participants turn out to take responsibility for their own health by making health-related choices. These changes in personal life-style are assumed to be long-term and affecting attitudes towards risks and preferences in personal health management.

Please read more about the IndyMed Preparedness Initiative and find corresponding references here: link will be available soon